Interview Questions

What is the purpose of JAVA_HOME and PATH variables in Java ?
How to check, whether JDK configured properly or not in local system?
What is final in Java?
What is DaemonThread in java?
What is mutable object and immutable object?
Is Java use Pass-by-value or Pass-by-reference?
What is the Use of Heap in java ?
What is the finalize method do?

Why wait(), notify() and notifyAll() methods are present in Object class rather than in java.lang.Thread class?

What is  'super' and 'this' keywords in java?.
Does Java supports Operator Overloading? 
Does Java supports multiple inheritance?
Why the main method in Java should be as public static void main(String[] args) ?
What is the difference between a static and an instance variable in java?
Difference between ClassNotFoundException and NoClassDefFoundError?
Is it possible to override static Method?.
Is Null Keyword?
Are true and false keywords?.
What exception is thrown if you try to serialize an object that doesn't implement the "serializable" interface?.
How can you tell the compiler to not serialize an object?.
Explain the usage of the keyword transient?.
What is a serialVersionUID and why should we use it?.
When do you use Java's @Override annotation and why?
Differences between HashMap and Hashtable?
How to synchronize the Hashmap?
When to use LinkedList<> over ArrayList<>?
Difference between wait() and sleep()?

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