Selenium Test Help

Installing Selenium plug-in:
  1. Open a Firefox browser window.  In the menu, under Tools, select Add-ons.
  2. Click the Get Add-ones Icon.
  3. Search for selenium. 
  4. Click the Add to Firefox button for the Selenium IDE and install it.
  5. Once installed, you'll see Selenium IDE as an option until the Tools menu.
Recording Test Cases:

  • Open the IDE.
  • As soon as you open it, the first test case will have already been created and it will be recording (the red record button will be depressed).  Expand the test section to the left of the IDE to see the test cases.  

  • Type/paste in a URL in browser so it knows where to start recording from.  When you hit that URL, assuming the record button is pressed, you should see actions start showing up in the Command area. 
  • Just execute a test case you've written as you normally would and Selenium will record it all. 
  •  When you've finished executing the test case, click the record button again to stop recording actions. 
  • In the test case area of the IDE, you can see that the test case titled "Untitled" has an asterisk beside it to indicate that it needs to be saved. 
  • Right click on the name, select Properties, and type/paste in the name of the test case you just executed.  Click ok.  
    Run the Selenium Test Case:

  • Open the IDE.
  • Choose the Test Case ( File -> Open -> Browse the  test Case)
  • Click on the GREEN ARROW with the single GREEN BAR.
  • Check the Result in Log Tab.

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